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I am a small hobbyist digital artist!
I love reading, gaming, drawing, and hanging out with my cat, Atlas!
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Posted by Ruin24 - February 19th, 2020

hello everyone, my name is ruin. i am a hobbyist artist living in both zagreb and denver (half a year here, half a year there). i don't draw often, but when i do it is mostly just sketches and nothing really worth sharing, but that is ok. i have dealt a lot with my [old] art being made fun of, told it was dumb and pointless for me to continue on with my art...

but my wonderful fiance who has always believed in me, bought me photoshop and a high-end wacom tablet, and told me that if i wanted to draw, then those who think negatively about my art can get lost. and i agree.

my art has developed a lot over time, and i hope to post then-and-now side by side comparisons soon.

anyway, a bit about me:

  • i am the guild master of a WoW Classic guild, alliance, Westfall server. 10/10 mc, 1/1 ony. being in charge of 175 nerds is basically a part-time job. you are welcome to whisper ruin if you wish to join - however i cannot guarantee you a raid spot, as we normally run with a full 40. but we are a social, friendly, lovable group who aim to make classic a fun experience for all.

  • i am obsessed with coffee. yes, obsessed. i drink, on average, 6-8 cups/day. i use a cezve most days, but also enjoy coffee from my french press or moka pot. my favorite brands are lavazza and franck. however, franck is only available in the balkans - you can't even get it on amazon! (at the time of posting, anyway)...

  • i speak a bit of croatian. i am not perfect, as it is a very difficult language, but i can at least carry a conversation, and can pronounce most things correctly (unless the word has a lj...)

there isnt really much to say about myself. kinda sad i define myself by my guild and my love of coffee, but hey... they keep my going every day.

that's all for now. i hope everyone enjoys my art, and i look forward to reading any comments/messages i receive. <3 i am a very friendly, outgoing person; so if you are ever feeling down and need somebody to listen/talk to, please dont hesitate to message me!




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Welcome to Newgrounds! Hope youll have a good one here and people will be more supportive!
(dont get discouraged if they arent)